I am having trouble playing your videos.

Our videos require a broadband Internet connection to play smoothly. If a video stalls or begins to stop and start, it is usually due to not having enough bandwidth to support playback. This can even happen on fast connections.

If the video stalls or stops playing before reaching the end and you've tried to view it in several browsers, we recommend the following:

1. Press Pause and wait 2-3 minutes to allow more of the video to download.

2. Press Play to resume playback of the video.

If these steps don’t work, you may want to try again at a different time of day. If you are not able to play the videos, please keep in mind that most of the material covered in the videos is also covered in our text-based lessons.

If for some reason you are still having difficulty viewing videos on our website, you can go directly to our YouTube Channel and view our videos by playlist.

If YouTube is blocked where you are, we hope you will still be able to access the videos through a mobile device or at a public library.

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