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  1. Are you hiring?

  2. Can I access my students' accounts?

  3. Can I get your tutorials as hard copies?

  4. Can I have permission to include your content in my LMS/Portal/App?

  5. Can I link to your site/tutorial?

  6. Can I translate into another language?

  7. Can I use your site in my classroom/organization/presentation?

  8. Do I need to register to access your site?

  9. Do you have an offline version of your site?

  10. Do you offer Office tutorials for Mac?

  11. How can I access/download/print my Achievements?

  12. How can I donate to

  13. How do I create an account?

  14. How do I delete my account?

  15. How do I get to my account?

  16. How do I learn Microsoft Office?

  17. How do I print your tutorials?

  18. How do I recover or change my password?

  19. How do I request a new topic/tutorial?

  20. How do you choose which topics you cover?

  21. How long does it take to finish a tutorial?

  22. I am having trouble playing your videos.

  23. I hate the new design! Change it back!

  24. I need Gmail help.

  25. I need help finding a job.

  26. I need help preparing for the GED.

  27. I need help setting up my Google account.

  28. I need math help.

  29. I need QuickBooks help.

  30. I need reading help.

  31. I need to learn how to use a computer.

  32. I need to learn photo editing/Photoshop.

  33. I'm having issues with Adobe Flash and your site. What's going on?

  34. My school/organization blocks YouTube. What can I do?

  35. The interactives are not working for me.

  36. There's a problem with the Typing Tutorial.

  37. What are the EN, ES, and PT links at the top-right of your site?

  38. What does your Terms of Use mean when it says I cannot alter your site?

  39. What have you done to make your site accessible?

  40. Where did the My Account link go?

  41. Where is my learning history?

  42. Why am I getting a Loch Ness Monster message?

  43. Why can I no longer view the videos that go with a specific tutorial?

  44. Why can't I print my certificates?

  45. Why don't you offer OpenOffice/Libre Office?

  46. Why is my learning history not recording?

  47. Your site looks different. What’s changed?

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