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Can I translate into another language?

You can! We are currently working with volunteer translators on an unpaid basis who are using the Google Translator Toolkit to make our tutorials available in other languages, and we'd love for you to be able to help as well!

Here's how it works: By using the Google Translator Toolkit, we upload the HTML file of each lesson and machine translate the content. We then allow our volunteer translators to tweak the original text of the lessons to promote a truer translation. The Google Translate machine translation is far from perfect, but it does serve to expedite the translation process, making it one of correcting and rewriting rather than translating from scratch. It also allows us to invite contributors to collaborate on a document and preserve the layout of the lesson.

We would be responsible for uploading the HTML files and would then invite you to collaborate on the documents to make changes as needed. After you've signed off on reviewing and correcting the content, we'll review and approve it, then upload it to our site. From that point, you would be able to link to these lessons on your site, preserving their layout and original structure.

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer translators, you can contact us here. To see which tutorials have already been translated into other languages, you can click here.

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